Project Finance

Project Finance

We specialize in raising finance for projects from non- bank funding sources. The minimum project size we are able to assist in is $50m and no maximum. The key criteria for any project to be eligible for funding are:

  • The project principals must be credit worthy and are able to pass normal banking compliance and security clearance.
  • The project principals must have the right mix of skills and experience to deliver the objectives of the project.
  • The project must be economically viable with sufficient funds to be generated from operations to service the funding.
  • The project must be shovel ready before funding is released. Our funders do not provide seed capital.
  • The project’s documentation such as feasibility studies and business plans must be of the highest professional standards. We can assist in the preparation of such documentation as a separate chargeable assignment.

To start the process of applying please first write to us with a brief high level summary of the project setting out the following information:

  • Project description
  • Project status
  • EBITDA after stabilisation
  • Brief bios of project principals
  • Total funding required for the project and how much of that requirement has already been invested.
  • Summary financial projections together with the assumptions upon which they are prepared.

Upon the receipt of this we then contact the appropriate funding sources and if we are successful in identifying an interested investor from the funds that we work with we will then formally enter into a Financial Services Agreement with you on terms and conditions to be negotiated and agreed on a case by case basis.